Orac Decor, located in Belgium, has developed and manufactured decorative finishes for your interior with great passion for 50 years.

As a pioneer, they introduced synthetics technology for the production of decorative elements. It is the only way to offer exceptionally high quality combined with a fine finish and simple installation.


Wide range of Orac Decor products is available in Decorest Disain’s showroom and warehouse in Tallinn.


Decorest Disain is official representative and importer of Orac Decor® brand since 2001.


  • Rosettes, with or without flower designs, really liven up your ceiling. You can let your imagination run wild, because rosettes can also be used on walls. You can go for repetitive elements for a playful effect or combine them with mirror lighting to add a modern touch. The possibilities are endless.

  • Columns remind us of the ancient world and if you want to add a hint of this to your project, the Orac Decor® collection offers plenty to choose from: from half and full pillars to pedestals and shafts.

    Pillars can be crowned by capitals available in different designs. This allows you to put together your pillars à la carte to suit your project.

  • A cornice moulding adds the finishing touch to a room. It forms a visual transition between wall and ceiling, hides cracks and imperfections and adds dynamism to your interior.

  • With our garlands and bows, you have everything you need to dress your space with class: individually to decorate a mantelpiece, for example, or joined together to create a larger, magnificent ornament for an entire wall.

  • Large spaces require an expressive finish. Orac Decor® ceiling and door tiles are the perfect solution to create rhythm and give something ‘impressive’. You can also use the panels in the wainscoting to bring unity and uniformity to the space.

  • You can transform a new door into a character piece in no time thanks to Orac Decor® architraves and door frames.

  • In the case of indirect lighting, unlike with direct lighting, the light source is not visible. Instead, the light is reflected off the ceiling, wall or floor.

    Indirect lighting is great as mood lighting, and creates a more spacious feeling interior. However, it’s equally effective as general lighting for a room.

  • Make flat walls come to life using “wallscaping” with our extensive panel mould range. Create attractive panelling or frames on walls and ceilings in a jiffy.

    All designs are easy to install, and many are available in a flexible format for use on curved walls and ceilings.

  • A rectangular wall element, such as a pilaster or wall pillar, is perfect for decorating a book case or breaking up a large plain wall surface. Pilasters at specific distances in a long corridor, for example, add rhythm and dynamics.

  • Skirting boards are essential in every room. Orac Decor offers skirting boards in all models, at any size and for any style. Modern, rustic, large, small, striking or discrete instead. All skirting boards are made of sturdy Duropolymer® – an extruded and impact-resistant high-density polystyrene mix. This material is knock- and water-resistant and extremely light.

  • This multifunctional panel moulding with rounded top provides endless possibilities. Use together with other members of the CASCADE family to effortlessly provide the entire space with a cohesive look.

  • Durofoam® is an extruded lightweight polymer based on a medium-density polystyrene blend.

  • Duropolymer® is an extruded and impact-resistant polymer based on a high-density polystyrene.

  • A wide range of cornice mouldings, panel mouldings and skirting boards are also available in a flexible version. They are also light and paintable, the material is water-resistant.

  • Purotouch® is a high quality, high-density polyurethane that allows fine details.

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