Installation guides

Orac Decor® products are made from high-quality polymers combining the strong, workable, quality characteristics of synthetic materials and with the look of wood or plaster.

All products already have a primer on them to ensure better painting results and can be easily installed with Orac Decor DecoFix glues.

Hereunder you will find the different documents summarising the instructions to install correctly Orac Decor® products. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Cornice mouldings

ORAC cornice installation


FLEX mouldings

ORAC Flex mouldings installation


Ceiling roses

ORAC ceiling roses installation


Full columns

ORAC full columns installation


Half columns

ORAC half columns installation


Skirting boards and panel mouldings

ORAC skirting and panel moulding installation


Cover skirtings

ORAC cover skirting installation


C338B cornice moulding

ORAC C338B installation


Wainscoting with wall panels

ORAC wainscoting with panels


Wainscoting with profiles

ORAC wainscoting with panel mouldings


Wainscoting with panels W108 / W109 / W110

ORAC wainscoting W108:W109:W110