VALPAINT S.p.A. is a leading Italian company in the decorative paints and coatings market. VALPAINT was founded in 1988 and is considered to be one of the most advanced Italian companies on a technological level due to its extremely modern laboratories, which rely on the partnership between the expert chemists and technicians for the creation of avant-garde paints and varnishes.


VALPAINT makes high-quality striking and innovative paints while respecting the environment. The present production range includes multicoloured paints and coatings, water-based paints with special effects and many other products.

  • Klondike

  • Klondike Light

  • Arteco 1

  • Arteco 7

  • Magic Light

  • Mavericks

  • Meteore 8

  • Polistof

  • Sabulador

  • Sabulador Soft

  • Valrenna

  • Valsetin

  • Meteore 10

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