Installation glues

  • FDP500 glue

    EXTRA STRONG installation adhesive.

    A slow-drying glue that ensures a long lasting seal between the mouldings and the wall and/or ceiling. Suitable for interior applications and on porous surfaces.

    310ml > 7 to 8m

    The correct use of DecoFix glues is very important:

    – For Axxent and Luxxus profiles you should use DecoFix Pro for indoor spaces and on porous surfaces you should use DecoFix Extra for the seams. Use DecoFix Hydro on new build or on recently plastered walls, for outdoor applications and non-porous surfaces.

    – For Basixx profiles use the DecoFix Pro glue for installation and to seam joints.

  • FDP 700 glue for exterior, humid environment and non-porous surfaces. For heavy profiles and indirect lighting cornices.

    Extra strong MS polymer glue for non-porous (tiles, glass, …), damp environments (also new build or recent plastered walls) and exterior applications.

    – Long-lasting seal between mouldings and the wall and/or ceiling

    – Remove with soap solution

    – Paintable after hardening (min. 24 hours)

    – 290ml > 7 to 8m

  • FX400 DecoFix Ultra

    White polymer-based adhesive for joints between mouldings.

    270 ml – 80 metres

    Application: Apply sufficient DecoFix Ultra in every joint. Push profiles strongly against each other and remove excess glue with a painter’s knife and soapy water before hardening.

    Use DecoFiller FL300 if needed and finish with sandpaper.

    Can be painted after 24 hrs.

  • FL300 DecoFiller

    Ready to use lightweight acrylic filler

    · For shrink-proof finishing of gaps (between decorative profiles after adhesion, between wall and profiles, between walls and between wall and ceiling), cracks and irregularities in profiles or on walls.

    · Rapidly repaintable (after 15 min.)

    · Does not crack