Types of wallpaper

There are many types of wallpaper. The following list details the different types and some info about them:

Paper wallcovering is ecological material. Many manufacturers cover their paper wallcovering with thin layer of acrylic, which makes the wallpaper more durable and even slightly washable. While easy to take care of, it is one of the most difficult materials to install.

Vinyl wallcovering is a good all-purpose wallpaper, it can even be used in bathrooms, kitchens and in hallways. This type of paper is fairly easy to handle as it typically does not stick to itself. It is most durable material for wallcovering and can stand up to scrubbing and moisture.

Foil wallcovering  is an interesting touch for small spaces. It is made from metal foils in various patterns. This type of paper is not always easy to work with. It can be unforgiving if it gets wrinkled or folded and has a tendency to reveal any defects in the wall behind it.

Flock wallcovering is great for decorative highlights and more formal areas such as dining rooms. It is the type of paper that has raised “velvet” patterns. It was originally made by gluing waste product from the wool industry onto paper. Before applying, vacuum up the loose flock particles. Use this over lining paper to make sure of a smooth surface. Although flocks are washable they can be damaged by rubbing and scrubbing.

Textile wallcovering is made from woven materials or just fabric fibers, usually with natural linen, silk or cotton, but also viscose, faux silk, or different polyester mixtures. It gives an especially luxurious and warm atmosphere.

Non woven or easy-up wallcovering is very popular choice in modern days. It is similar to paper wallcovering, but it has added fibers to strenghten the material (e.g cotton or cellulose). Non woven wallcovering won’t strech while being glued, so it is relatively easy to install it.


Wallpaper like many other manufactured items is undergoing a revolution. New materials, coatings, adhesives, backings and more are constantly being developed. Better flocking, processed synthetics and all manner of new looks are constantly becoming available. Murals have been available for sometime.  Some would say there are almost too many choices!