6 Orac Decor® tips for your interior

Just use a few smart and easy interior tricks and you will have optically increased and revived your space. A modern cornice here, some elegant incorporated LED lighting or a cool panel moulding there and your interior will look like it has been designed by an interior specialist. We will now reveal our six best tips. From Orac Decor®, to you!

  • 1. Hide imperfections behind an elegant cornice

    Uplighters – lamps that light upwards – are an ideal way to add atmosphere. But sometimes they light up corners of the room you would prefer not to have in the spotlight. A ceiling with a less-than-perfect finish or a seam between the ceiling and wall… An Orac Decor® cornice elegantly gets rid of these seams and imperfections. But what’s more, a beautiful cornice really adds the finishing touch to your room!

  • 2. Optically increase the size of your entrance hall

    Is your entrance hall on the small side? You can optically increase its size by using your lighting in a smart way. Simply place indirect lighting along the full length of the wall or ceiling. This will add a lot of depth to your entrance hall and give it a modern look.

  • 3. Boring wall? Revive it by using wallscaping

    You can revive a wall that looks boring and flat with wallscaping. A beautiful panel moulding – modern or romantic, depending on the style of your interior – instantly adds a lot of character to your wall. These panel mouldings are extremely easy to use and serve as an extra protection layer for your walls. A bonus, certainly in a tight hall or entrance hall where bikes or buggies regularly pass through.

  • 4. How to add height to your interior

    Are your ceilings slightly low, making your interior look smaller? By integrating room-size frames in your indoor space, you can optically raise your ceiling height. If you place the broadest part of a cornice against the wall, you optically push the ceiling upwards. You can create the same effect by using indirect lighting at the top of your walls: the reflection of the light will make your ceiling seem higher. And finally, don’t forget to give the bottom of your walls a beautiful finish. You create the illusion of a higher ceiling by using skirting boards in the same colour as the wall.

  • 5. Smart use of indirect lighting

    By integrating indirect lighting in a smart way, not only are you creating more space, but you are also adding lots of atmosphere. What about, for example, soft LED lighting incorporated in the banister to accentuate the sleek lines of your stairs?