As a pioneer, we introduced synthetics technology for the production of our decorative elements. It is the only way to offer exceptionally high quality combined with a fine finish and simple installation. It makes renovating your interior or finishing your project faster and a lot easier. All our products can be painted and many are multifunctional.


Materials:                                               Product quality:                                                           Installation:

– Lightweight                                                             – Water resistant                                                                 – Easy and quick to hande and install
– Easy to handle                                                        – Knock resistant                                                                 – Already primed, ready to paint
– Sturdy and durable                                               – Sharp details
– Recycable                                                                – Matt and smooth finish (no sanding required)

– Available in stock, quick delivery




– a high quality, high-density polyurethane that allows fine details.

Purotouch information sheet



– An extruded and impact-resistant polymer based on a high-density polystyrene.

Duropolymer information sheet




– An extruded lightweight polymer based on a medium-density polystyrene blend.

Durofoam information sheet 




– A wide range of cornice mouldings, panel mouldings and skirting boards are also available in a flexible version.